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Medical Nutritional Therapy in Fayette County and Central Texas

Do you struggle with having enough energy to enjoy moments with your kids or partner due to inconsistent meal patterns or eating habits?

Nutrition Plus, LLC is a nutrition counseling practice that helps women reach their best health.

Violeta Manzano

Let's Work Together

Taking care of ourselves can be a defeating task when there are many other responsibilities that need our attention, but I am here to tell you that you matter. It’s time to invest in yourself and make your health a priority. 

I am committed to providing nutrition guidance so that you can cultivate healthy habits and conquer the battles you face when it comes to your health in the many stages of life.

As a registered dietitian, I will help guide you through your journey to improving your health with simple, realistic healthy changes.

Se ofrecen consultas de nutrición en español.

Nutrition Counseling & Services

Explore the services offered and find what is the best fit for you in your life now.

In working together, I strive to create an environment that supports you to positively shape your future health.

Personalized Nutrition Counseling

Individual counseling is an ongoing process to help you establish healthy habits and eating patterns in your day to day life. During each session you will receive educational materials, support, and follow-ups to help you make and maintain the dietary changes that are best for you.

Grocery Store Tours

Learn how to navigate the aisles without the stress. Grocery store tours teach you how to choose foods that fit your needs and lifestyle.

Corporate Wellness Lunch and Learns

Lunch and learns provide valuable nutrition information for your employees to better manage their health and prevent unnecessary sick days.

Discovery Call

Schedule your free discovery call today! During the call, we will spend about 20 minutes talking about your main concerns and how we can work together to reach your health goals. I look forward to talking to you and learning more about your goals!

Nutrition Education

“She Understands…

Violeta provided me with new ideas for health meals. She made me realize that some of meal choices were not that bad. She understands eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat foods that you don’t like.”

– Monica G.

Invest in Yourself

Investing in a dietitian means you receive a personalized nutrition plan that fits your specific needs. As your local dietitian, I am committed to providing evidence-based nutrition. Additionally, you learn simple strategies that are effective, sustainable, and realistic. For your convenience, we also accept BlueCross BlueShield and United Healthcare Insurances.

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