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What to expect during a session with me

  • In our first visit together, I want to know all about you! I ask a variety of questions that help me get to know your daily routine, meal schedule, and eating habits.
  • I also want to know your health goals and from that point we begin planning on ways to reach your goal.
  • At the end of the session, we brainstorm simple goals or experiments that you would like to work on before our next meeting.

Personalized Nutrition Counseling

I offer individual nutrition counseling in the follow areas:

  • Preventative health and wellness
  • Postpartum health and breastfeeding support
  • Adult weight management
  • Pre-diabetes

  • Diabetes and gestational diabetes

  • Food allergies and intolerance
  • Heart disease

    • High cholesterol

    • High blood pressure

Get Started

Initial Consultation

During the 60-minute initial meeting we explore your health concerns and current needs. You will be asked to complete a nutrition assessment before your scheduled consultation. The nutrition assessment asks questions regarding your health history, food preference, health condition, and eating habits.


The 35 or 45-minute follow-up session is designed to help you navigate challenges around food and provide tools to overcome any struggles or barriers. Together we brainstorm and adjust goals as necessary. 


Establishing healthy habits is an ongoing process and scheduling multiple sessions helps to continue making positive changes to reach your health goal. 

Package Includes

  • One 60-minute initial consultation
  • Five 35-minute follow up-visits
  • Full 90 days worth of nutrition counseling
  • Meeting face to face every two weeks
  • Helpful resources in between sessions
  • Feedback on food journaling
  • Email or text communication regarding nutrition questions

Custom package 

Send me a message to begin creating the perfect package for you!

Grocery Store Tour

Is grocery shopping an overwhelming task? Do you question what products you should buy? If so, join me for a grocery store tour to learn the ins and outs of grocery shopping. This guided tour is customized to your specific nutrition concerns and questions.

  • Tours take place at HEB Columbus and La Grange during non-peak hours.
  • Max of 4 people per tour.
  • Interested in scheduling a grocery store. Contact me for available dates.

Lunch and Learns

Lunch and learns are geared toward keeping employees healthy and well at work and at home. The interactive presentation can vary from 30 to 60 minutes depending on time alloted for lunch. We can discuss which topics are relevant and entertaining to your employees to ensure they get the full benefit of the presentation.

Looking for other services that are not mentioned on the site, let's connect.

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